FIFA World Cup 2022: Connect with Twitter Audiences

FIFA World Cup 2022:

Connect with Twitter Audiences and Maximize Conversions



It’s no secret that the FIFA World Cup is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world. According to FIFA, an estimate of 3.2 billion people watched the World Cup in 2014. In 2018, about 3.5 billion people watched the game and this year, figures are likely to maintain the standard.

This immense viewership has proven to be a major contributor to the global economy as consumer spending usually experiences a rise before and during the month-long tournament. In turn, brands are presented with a revenue-boosting opportunity to advertise their products and services to football audiences via social media platforms such as Twitter.

A total of 672 million tweets relating to the World Cup were recorded by Twitter in 2014 and during the 2018 tournament, tweets amassed 115 billion impressions. Additionally, a survey found that 68.6% of Twitter users 'regularly watch, follow or have an interest in football’ while research has shown that ‘211 million of Twitter’s daily active users can be monetized through ads’.

In essence, there’s no doubt that Twitter is a necessary tool for brands if they aim to reach a wide audience, gain a larger consumer base and increase sales in the lead up to the 2022 World Cup.


Build Successful World Cup Campaigns with Wise.Blue

Designed to optimize Twitter campaigns and automate the creation of ads, Wise.Blue is a powerful performance marketing tool that will help you outperform on Twitter and win over football audiences for increased conversions. 



Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind helps brands to build audience engagement and create personalized experiences for Twitter users. By tapping the like button on your brand’s promotional tweet, users opt-in to receiving your updates on product launches, exclusive offers, important events and more.

As the World Cup takes place at Qatar this year, it’s been forecasted that up to 1.7 million people will visit the country, with more than 200,000 people traveling to games on peak days. Flight tickets are also estimated to reach sales of 3.08 million. 

For travel companies, leveraging these insights to promote flight tickets and deals is a no-brainer. With Heart2Remind, you can remind audiences to book flights and accommodation for the tournament, promote ticket discounts and offers for the World Cup Final and update audiences on ticket sales for every game day.

Brands operating in other industries can equally gain conversions using Heart2Remind. An online food delivery company can launch special menus for the World Cup and send reminders to audiences to pre-order snacks and meals for the big day.

Retail brands can connect with Twitter users by promoting exclusive offers throughout the tournament and launching limited editions or themed collections of products to promote the World Cup.


A/B Testing

Wise.Blue’s A/B Testing tool will help you optimize your World Cup campaigns by comparing the performance of ads and the responsiveness of your target markets. 

For each game, you can create multiple ads with unique calls to action, titles and creatives, and share these to different customer groups. In turn, you’re able to produce the best-performing ads and reach the most valuable and relevant audiences for your campaigns. 



This feature works round the clock, so you can focus on delivering actionable World Cup campaigns for your brand.

By using a predictive AI algorithm, autopilot automatically adjusts bid and budget allocations to match changes in KPIs and budget limits. Additionally, it reacts quickly to sudden changes in ad auctions, so you can avoid overspending and improve your return on ad spend.

Autopilot also enables brands to schedule bid and budget adjustments for the biggest and most important World Cup matches, so relevant ads are promoted when audiences are more responsive.


Automated Catalog Ads

Built to save time, the automated catalog ads feature works by creating ads directly from your product catalogs and sharing them with your chosen target markets. You can tailor World Cup ads to different football audiences and share them all at once.


Ready to create results-driven World Cup campaigns and connect with future customers? Reach out to Wise.Blue today and let us help you outperform on Twitter.

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