Achieving 30% lower cost per sign up with Carousel Ads on Twitter


Wolt Achieves Lower Costs with Carousel Ads on Twitter


Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company known for their food delivery platform. Today, they’re also increasingly known for enabling people to get the same Wolt delivery experience from virtually any type of grocery store, retail shop or boutique within the city. 

Wolt launched it’s operations in the summer of 2015 in Helsinki, Finland together with ten restaurants. Now they’ve expanded to 23 countries and more than 129 cities, serving over 10 million customers together with 60,000 courier partners as well as 30,000 restaurant and retail partners. 

Wolt & Wise.Blue

As an official Twitter partner, Wise.Blue provides Wolt with comprehensive Twitter Ad solutions pursuing performance at scale. Wise.Blue technology employs machine learning and predictive algorithms to manage complex campaigns efficiently. Wolt uses Wise.Blue technology in-house to automate multiple complex campaigns, enrich Twitter native targeting, leverage exclusive ad products and assure 24/7 automated optimization of accounts. Wolt also benefits from enhanced Wise.Blue analytics on customized performance dashboards.


Next Wolt is growing its penetration rate within the Japanese market and is launching further operations into new cities. Growing a customer base is their main priority with all marketing efforts directed towards new user acquisitions (first time users) at the most optimal and efficient rates for costs per install (CPI), cost per first time user (CPFTU), and cost per sign-up (CPSU).

The use of Carousel Ads format was suggested for Wolt's communication strategy by the Wise.Blue team.

Carousel Ads are an engaging format on Twitter that support up to six swipeable, edge-to-edge images or videos in a single Tweet, that all serve as clickable space for a website landing page or app download page of your choice. This added creative space and flexibility allows brands to tell their full story, drive a specific action, and deliver the right message. The visually interactive media is also more appealing than standard single assets, and can help promote engagement.

Wise.Blue carousel_Wolt


Analyzing the period from the 1st of April up to the 25th of May 2021, Wolt saw that carousel ads compared to other ad formats had:

The Lowest Cost Per Sign Ups

(30% lower than image and video formats)

Higher Click-Through Rate

(17% higher than video formats; 5% lower than image formats)

Lower Cost Per Impressions

(13% lower than video formats; 9% lower than image formats)

Lower Cost Per
App Click

(24% lower than video formats; 7% lower than image formats)

Test & Learn 

On Wise.Blue most relevant analytics and strong metric coverage are available. This also helped Wolt to understand Carousel performance including which Carousel ad components (text, visual, call to action) worked the best. This let them further select winning combinations for better performance. 

As a result of the performance of this strategy, Wolt will continue devoting more attention to Carousel Cards as ad formats on Wise.Blue platform.


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