Wise.Blue joins the Twitter Official Partner program

Wise.Blue joins the Twitter Official Partner program to empower performance advertisers

Wise.Blue is a comprehensive Twitter Ads solution that drives results at scale, chosen by major international performance advertisers. Designed by Httpool, this platform employs machine learning and predictive algorithms to manage complex campaigns and deliver KPIs at increased scale. 

Now, as part of the Twitter Official Partner program – a program that recognizes  companies offering outstanding marketing solutions with a proven track record of customer success – Wise.Blue is delivering additional value to performance advertisers at scale.



Unlocked Twitter ads potential for performance advertisers

Some of the most experienced performance teams and machine learning experts have been pursuing an ambitious goal -to unlock the full potential of the Twitter ads platform for performance advertisers. Through analyses and predictive algorithms, we created a series of custom features and designed Wise.Blue to become the ultimate solution for performance advertisers.

“Twitter is a major platform with a high quality audience and represents amazing opportunities for major brands and businesses worldwide. ” explained Marius Ivanovas, the mastermind behind Wise.Blue. “This is where Wise.Blue comes in! We identified the key requirements of the largest performance advertisers and developed a unique technology for power users to achieve their KPIs on Twitter at scale.”

The Wise.Blue API solution relies on extensive experience, track record and understanding of performance marketers’ needs. Developed by Httpool, an IMS corporate company and a Twitter sales partner in over 25 countries in Europe and Asia, Wise.Blue represents an innovation in its most basic sense. Working with countless Twitter campaigns and large international performance clients, the team identified opportunities to leverage Twitter’s platform, simplifying management of complex setups, while significantly improving results.


A comprehensive tool for power users worldwide

The multifaceted nature of Wise.Blue translates into a number of products and features that represent a disruptive tool for all the performance advertisers. Extensive account management is coupled with an in-depth analytics tool, a creative studio and proprietary machine learning automation.

“This in-house project evolved to become a leading global tool. Becoming a Twitter Official Partner  is an important recognition for Wise.Blue, and we are glad that we are contributing to the ecosystem and adding value to some of the most sophisticated performance advertisers around the world.” said Aljoša Jenko, CEO of Httpool.

The Wise.Blue solution consists of technology and on-demand managed services  executed by international teams of Twitter performance specialists. As a result, Wise.Blue’s large global advertisers typically surpass their KPIs, as well as unlock new, previously unrecognised opportunities.

“We decided to entrust the entire Twitter campaign management to the Wise.Blue team and were amazed about the results and the professional approach. The team did an amazing job. They are very agile, transparent, knowledgeable, and ready to help when needed.” said Cameron Roe, Digital marketing lead at Change, one of the leading cryptocurrency apps.

Deivid Pranchas, User acquisition manager at NordVPN thanked the Wise.Blue team for a successful cooperation highlighting that “the knowledge you have combined with hands-on support is the key to successful performance campaigns. It’s a pleasure working with such a group of experts.”


Determined to continuously innovate

Wise.Blue is determined to continuously innovate and define trends for performance advertising on Twitter.

“This is just the beginning of an incredible journey. We are constantly updating and upgrading Wise.Blue with new features intended to further support power users on Twitter.” said Artūrs Lukaševičs, Wise.Blue Director. “Some upcoming new elements for Wise.Blue include a section on audiences and a special tool for remarketing.



Media contacts:

Spela Majcen Marusic, Httpool PR Manager, marusic@httpool.com

About Wise.Blue

Wise.Blue is a comprehensive Twitter Ads solution that drives results at scale. Its technology relies on machine learning driven algorithms for optimization of accounts, campaigns, ad groups and creatives, while deep learning prediction models drive automation for bid and budget allocation, control volume, efficiency, target KPIs and spend limits. Moreover, Wise.Blue includes advanced analytics tools and an enhanced campaign management dashboard. Finally, Wise.Blue clients have access to on demand, 24/7, hands-on support provided by the most advanced Twitter performance team in the world.




About Httpool

Httpool, an IMS corporate company, represents the leading digital media platforms across Europe and Asia. It supports their growth as well as drives business results for traditional and native advertisers across 30 markets. Jointly with IMS, it is the largest global Twitter sales partner, covering 40 markets across three continents. Based on an innovative set of technology and performance solutions, seasoned vertical teams, and extensive market know-how, Httpool enables advertisers to connect with their audiences in the most efficient and effective ways, consistently maximizing their ROIs. Leading media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Warner Music, Outbrain, Quora and Brainly appointed Httpool as their exclusive ad sales partner across selected European and Asian markets. Httpool is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Austria, Switzerland, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Jointly, IMS and Httpool exclusively represent over 20 media platforms in more than 45 countries worldwide.

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