How Data can Help you Optimize Twitter Marketing Campaigns



Data-driven decision making is the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. In the world of performance marketing, this is especially important as it allows businesses to track ad performance, pinpointing content, and targeting optimal audiences to achieve the most rewarding results.

For Twitter, strong data analysis is a fundamental asset in ascertaining the most fitting content to attract Twitter’s 217 million monetizable daily users, which is no easy feat. Thankfully, analytics tools have been proven to enable businesses to analyze marketing content and deliver more successful campaigns. 



A recent study found that 66% of marketing leaders saw a growth in their consumer base due to ‘data-driven initiatives’, and according to another survey, 78% of organizations stated that data-driven marketing boosts customer acquisition and conversions.

In essence, brands that make data-based marketing decisions are undoubtedly better-positioned to increase consumer engagement and conversions. With Wise.Blue’s analytics, the road to campaign success has never been more simple.  

Using Data and Wise.Blue to Boost Campaign Results

Wise.Blue is a powerful performance marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence and advanced campaign management tools to help businesses outperform on Twitter

Wise.Blue’s Analytics Platform

Integrated with website and mobile app tracking analytics platforms, Wise.Blue provides businesses with enhanced and actionable campaign insights. The data collected from these platforms is then presented on dashboards for improved analysis.

Furthermore, the analytics tool allows users to ‘break down campaign statistics using numerous filters and graphs’ and access ‘a more granular report’ with a wide range of metrics. Moreover, you have the freedom to customize reports on your performance dashboards, change them regularly to fit your needs, and schedule them to be sent to your email automatically. 

All in all, these reports can be used to best measure campaign performance and the achievement of KPI targets. With this information, you’re able to focus your efforts and budget on the best-performing content and campaigns.


In addition to the provision of effective data, products such as Wise.Blue’s Autopilot, automating bids and budget spend, in combination with A/B Testing, can further improve the performance of your Twitter campaigns. For more information on performance marketing for Twitter, check out the Wise.Blue whitepaper.

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