Acquiring 34x more leads through Twitter

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Find out how this London fintech company used Wise.Blue to leverage engaging video and carousel ads to to achieve 13x higher volume and acquire 34x more leads through Twitter.


Trading 212 is a London based fintech company that democratizes the financial markets with free, smart, and easy to use apps, enabling anyone to trade equities, Forex, commodities, and more. They wished to increase their user base, attract new customers, and have them install their apps. Trading 212 wanted to attract active mobile app users by encouraging people to install the app, register an account, and activate their trading accounts.


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Together with Wise.Blue, Trading 212 designed and ran an ongoing campaign that would build awareness, generate interest, and encourage people to take action. Twitter was the obvious choice of platform to reach Trading 212's target audience of tech-savvy traders and investment enthusiasts.








The initial brand awareness ads were shown outdoors, feed to people with a known interest in technology and business, and who typically use online trading. To demonstrate the advantages of this new way of investing, Trading 212 used engaging video ads and the eye-catching carousel format. The teams devised the Twitter campaign with wide targeting, lookalike audiences, events, interests, and RTG. We ensured that the campaign was managed hands-on and 24/7 with settings focused on CPI bidding and high daily budgets. Three types of Ad formats were used: static, video, and carousels.



Plugging in with Trading 212 teams, Wise.Blue experts focussed on creating a strong understanding of the business model. Once having finalised the campaign, the teams implemented non-stop campaign management with wide targeting. This hands-on digital approach was supported by an outdoor campaign for additional brand awareness, along the same visual identity.

Higher Investment
More Leads
Higher Volume


"We take our digital marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained high standards. We chose Httpool's Wise. Blue team to lead us into the Twitter advertising space and we never regretted the decision. They have been a fantastic partner in not only helping us set up and optimise various campaigns but also in swiftly responding to challenges, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns and uncertainties."


Angel, Head of Growth

and BI, Trading 212   



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