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The power of strategic segmentation of audiences: PedidosYa

Wise.Blue decreased CPA of Pedidos Ya campaign down by over 1/3. We did this through strategic segmentation of audiences, testing of creatives and optimising campaigns towards best performing segments, vendors, devices and channels.


As an online food delivery company covering most of the Latin American Markets, PedidosYa was looking to create awareness and gain more first time orders through a highly targeted campaign. They wished to test different vendors for the same audience as well as a number of different audiences to find out what works best. The overall goal of this campaign was to gain profitability and more first time orders from unique users. The campaign was therefore all about app installs. Starting from the Argentinian market, the Wise.Blue team supported PedidosYa to successfully expand the campaign to Chile, Panama, Uruguay and Colombia.

Pedidos 2



Audiences were segmented in the following clusters, including:

  • Foodies
  • Students
  • Beauty lovers
  • Sport lovers
  • Tech lovers
  • People were targeted on both Android and iOS and divided by channel (Twitter and Twitter Audience platform).

Platform: Twitter

GEO: Argentina, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Colombia






The Wise.Blue team set up a strategy for PedidosYa, which included segmenting the targeted audiences from broadest groups to narrower interest
groups and optimising the campaign towards the best performing segments, vendors, device and channels. In parallel, the team was testing creatives for different vendors in one group as well as in specific parallel groups. Creatives were updated as often as possible to ensure for the campaign to remain interesting and attractive throughout time. Collaboration between Wise.Blue and PedidosYa has been running for over a year and its success continues to rely on clearly defined action steps, transparent and simplified reporting of invested budgets and mutual trust.




In a year’s time, the Wise.Blue team supported PedidosYa in driving their CPA average down by over 1/3.

More Installs
Decrease in average Cost per Acquisition
More Unique Customers

“In a year's time, Wise.Blue team supported PedidosYa in improving their
average CPA”

Nadine Nickelsen
Director of Paid Social at Delivery Hero


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