Increasing Twitter Engagement by 230%

How Techland Increase their Twitter Engagement by 230%



Best known for the Dying Light franchise, played by millions of users worldwide, Techland is a Polish game development company which was founded in 1991 with a mission to create ‘unforgettable experiences’ for gamers.

A distributor for leading gaming platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox, the company has also developed games such as the Dead Island and Call of Juarez series’ and a proprietary 3D game engine titled C-Engine.


Techland Dying Light

Techland’s Twitter Advertising Goals

In a bid to promote the launch of their new game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Techland were looking to generate buzz around the game, connect with the Twitter gaming community and achieve sales post-launch. 

The target audience for their week-long campaign was U.S.-based men aged 18-34 who were English language speakers. Audiences were further segmented into 3 groups, based on interests.


How Did Wise.Blue Boost Techland’s Twitter Engagement Rate?


Techland H2R2

With Heart2Remind, a promotional tweet with a preview of the new game was sent to Twitter users, encouraging them to like it in order to receive updates about the game. After liking the tweet, an instant response was sent to users, thanking them for joining the Techland Twitter community.

On the game’s launch date and 2 days after, a tweet was sent to opted-in audiences to notify and remind them about the official release of the game.


Techland H2R3Techland H2R4

Thanks to Heart2Remind, Techland were better-positioned to engage with their Twitter audience, created personalized brand experiences for them and hold their interest till the game’s release date.



Results: Increased Engagement and Lower Costs for Techland

Techland saw a 230% increase in their user engagement on Twitter, resulting in an overall engagement rate of 1.95%. They received 6,405 likes on their first promotional tweet and 10,779 link clicks in general.

Furthermore, their cost per like decreased by 75% while the cost per link click dropped to $1.28.


“We set out to promote the launch of our new game, Dying Light 2, and Heart2Remind helped us to connect with our Twitter audiences. Thanks to Wise.Blue, our campaign was a success as we were able to achieve lower campaign costs and increase our engagement on Twitter by 230%.”

Paweł Wilk - Senior Online Marketing Manager


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