Engaging Audiences Through Twitter Spaces

Heart2Remind for NFTs:
Engaging Audiences Through Twitter Spaces


pexels-andrea-piacquadio-920382Over the years, social media has transformed the dynamics of human connection. Due to the prevalence of social networks, internet users from all over the world have been able to build relationships and communities and share information and opinions with one another. With an estimate of 329 million global monthly users, Twitter is one of the best social platforms for online conversations.

For NFT creators, conversations with audiences and potential buyers are important because they can influence the sale of drops and collections. Twitter research has shown that a 10% rise in conversation can increase the volume of sales by 3%.

Additionally, a study in the technology field found that, ‘on average, just a 1% increase in sales volume has led to more than $6 million in incremental sales.’

Introduced over a year ago, Twitter Spaces — a feature that allows users to have live audio conversations — has made conversations even more authentic and engaging for audiences. For creators, this is great news, as a large percentage of Twitter users follow the brands they like and look forward to hearing from them. 

NFT creators can use Spaces to connect with audiences, build momentum for upcoming NFT drops, discuss trending topics in the NFT space and connect followers to influencers. In turn, Wise.Blue’s powerful performance marketing product, Heart2Remind, can help creators to promote a Space and ensure that it reaches a wider audience and achieves desired results.


What is Heart2Remind and How Can You Use it to Promote Your Twitter Spaces?

Designed to improve audience engagement and conversions, Heart2Remind creates authentic brand experiences for buyers and allows NFT creators to effortlessly connect with audiences, promote NFT drops and remind followers about upcoming brand Spaces.

With Heart2Remind, creators can share teasers about a scheduled space and send automated reminders about it in order to keep audiences excited and interested in the upcoming event. 

The journey starts with a follower tapping the like button on your promotional tweet and opting in to receiving updates and reminders about a Space. Follow-up tweets are then shared automatically, while creators focus on planning discussions and topics for the Space.


SolSea Case Study - How They Boosted Their Engagement Rate



The first of its kind, SolSea is an “open NFT marketplace on Solana that enables creators to choose and embed [copyright] licenses when they mint”. 

SolSea’s Twitter Campaign 

SolSea were promoting a new version of their platform and they decided to host a Space where their audience could engage with them and ask questions. 

Their goal was to attract an audience for the upcoming Space and share updates and reminders about the event with their followers. The target audience for the campaign was people between the ages of 18 and 34.


How Did SolSea Connect with Users for the Upcoming Space?

With the help of Heart2Remind, SolSea shared a promotional tweet, encouraging their followers to join the upcoming space and like the tweet to receive notifications about the event. 



Following this, opted-in users received an instant response confirming their interest. On the date of the Space, a reminder was sent to users to tune in to the conversation, and a few days after, another reminder was sent to encourage users who missed the space to watch the recording of it.




Twitter Campaign Results

In a period of 4 days, up until the date of the Space, SolSea saw an increase in their engagement rate and achieved an average of 13.71%. They received more than 10,000 replies in total from their promotional tweets.


SolSea’s Testimonial

“Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind helped us to promote our upcoming Twitter Space and build engagement around the conversation on our SolSea Reborn rebranding journey. We received thousands of replies from the reminders we sent to users and achieved a boost in our engagement rate thanks to the Heart2Remind feature. We’re definitely looking forward to using it more often.”


Looking to build engagement with buyers and achieve conversions from your NFT campaigns? Reach out to us today and let Wise.Blue help you outperform on Twitter.

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