Optimise Your Ramadan Twitter Campaigns

Ramadan 2022
Understand Your Audience And Optimise
for Better Performance

For many Muslims around the world, Ramadan is one of the most sacred Islamic months. The season is a period of joy, reflection, togetherness and giving. People spend time entertaining and sharing meals with family and friends, donating to the less fortunate and giving gifts to children.

In turn, people spend more time online during this period as they seek to connect with others, share their feelings, ‘find entertainment and get shopping recommendations.’ Twitter surveys found that; while two-thirds of Malaysians plan 1 to spend more time on the internet, 74% of Indonesians are more likely to be on 1 social media this Ramadan. In addition 9 out of 10 Indonesians and Malaysians on Twitter are planning to make purchases over Ramadan.

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This paper is focused on Twitter Ramadan Insights for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Download this paper to:
- Understand your Audience and optimise for better performance
- Learn how can brands leverage insights for their Ramadan campaigns?
- How to outperform on Twitter with Ramadan 2022 campaigns

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