Improving Cost Per Acquisition by 40%

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Pedidos Ya is an online and mobile food-ordering company that connects restaurants across 13 countries in Latin America. Pedidos Ya is the market leader for online food ordering in LATAM. The platform connects 55,000 restaurants with millions of users in more than 400 cities.

As an online food delivery company covering most Latin American Markets, Pedidos Ya was looking to create awareness and gain more first time orders through a highly targeted campaign. The goal of the campaign was to get a larger number of installs of the app and get more first time orders and decrease the price of getting first time order (CPA).

This, in turn, would accelerate the entire business of PedidosYa through better customer acquisition and final orders of food. Based on the overall business goals, the aim of the Wise. Blue managed campaign was to decrease CPA, CPI significantly and increase CTR. The campaign was, therefore, all about app installs. 




The campaign targeted foodies in Argentina using Wise. Blue carousel ad product on Twitter.






To understand the potential of Wise.Blue's product "Carousel Cards," we implemented a comparative study. We launched a standard campaign and a parallel campaign using Carousel Cards. We tested both campaigns against the three KPIs - CPA, CPI, and CTR. To retain more control over bidding, image carousel cards and video carousel cards were launched in separate groups. 

Both ordinary and carousel card campaign objective was App Installs. Same visuals were used in the ordinary campaign. The ordinary campaign was running image app cards and video app cards. Both ordinary and carousel campaigns had the same target: Android as a device target, MAP as placement, Geo - Argentina, and a combination of keywords and handles for Food segment targeting.








Using Wise.Blue's Carousel Cards, the team improved the whole account's average CPA by 40%, reflect in doubling of acquisitions on Week over Week basis. Similarly, the average account CPI decreased from 4.38 to 2.86 EUR and the CTR grew from 0.52% to 0.58%.

Compared to regular campaigns, the Carousel card campaign got x2.5 more acquisitions with similar financial investment. While CTR doubled, CPA decreased from 31.08 to 12.54 EUR, and CPI decreased almost fourfold.

    • Average CPA 40%
    • CPI decreased from 4.38 to 2.86 EUR
    • CTR grew from 0.52% to 0.58%






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