Increasing Engagement Rates on Twitter

How NordVPN Attained a Higher Engagement Rate on Twitter


Developed by cybersecurity company, Nord Security,
NordVPN was launched in 2012 with a goal to provide security and privacy to internet users. 

Now a leading VPN provider, the company serves more than 14 million global customers and was recently recognized as Lithuania’s second tech unicorn after reaching a valuation of $1.6 billion.



NordVPN’s Twitter Campaign Objectives

For their 10-year anniversary, NordVPN decided to reward their Twitter audiences with a giveaway — a promo code for 1 free month on a 2-year VPN plan — which they promoted using Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind feature.

The objectives of their campaign were to increase engagement rates and the number of subscriptions to their service. 

NordVPN planned to run the campaign for 10 days. The target audience, initially being users aged 18 and above, was later adjusted to males between the ages of 21 and 54.



Wise.Blue’s Role in Achieving KPIs with NordVPN

Using Heart2Remind, NordVPN sent out a tweet 1 week after the campaign began, promoting their giveaway and inviting followers to like the tweet in return for an exclusive promo code. 

Once users opted-in to receiving the company’s messages, a few more tweets were sent out, including an instant response with the code and reminders to participate in the limited-time offer.

Heart2Remind enabled NordVPN to send out automated tweets and reminders to their customers and engage them throughout the campaign period.


Results - NordVPN’s Increased Engagement Rate

NordVPN succeeded in increasing their engagement rate by 1.3x and their like per impression was 1.7x higher than the average. Additionally, the cost per like was 6% lower than the average.





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