Achieving an Increase in their Return on Ad Spend

How Nordeus Achieved an Increase on their
Return on Ad Spend with Wise.Blue



Founded in 2010, Nordeus is a mobile gaming company based in Belgrade, Serbia best known for their highly popular cross-platform football management game; Top Eleven- Be a Football Manager.

Fueled by their mission to put “Belgrade on the global map of gaming”, Nordeus has developed a number of world-class, competitive games to date.




Nordeus and Wise.Blue’s Twitter-Focused Partnership

Prior to the release of a new 3D Match feature in their Top Eleven game, Nordeus wanted to create a Twitter campaign to engage and entice their audience.

Their main marketing objectives were to increase their return on ad spend and maximise the number of game re-installs. This provided them with the opportunity to promote their new feature using Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind product.

The target market for Nordeus’ campaign was segmented into lapsed players and inactive users and the goal was to run the campaign for a period of 7 days preceding the 3D feature launch.


How Did Nordeus Outperform on Twitter with Heart2Remind?


Nordeus sent out a tweet promoting their 3D Match feature. It included a call to action, encouraging their audiences to like the tweet in order to receive future updates of the launch.

In the next phase of the campaign, a follow-up tweet was sent to opted-in users, reminding them to check out the new feature on the release date.

Heart2Remind made it easy for Nordeus to build engagement with their users. Additionally, Wise.Blue was able to optimise the client’s campaign with the use of its bulk edit feature and the performance dashboard which includes real-time data from their mobile measurement partner.


Campaign Results - Retargeting on Twitter with Heart2Remind

Nordeus achieved their primary campaign objective — hitting their ROAS target. The Heart2Remind campaign performed well in terms of attracting buyers to the game.

Heart2Remind played an instrumental role in the retargeting process. The initial campaign collected, notified and engaged Nordeus’ audience. The target group were later reinitiated for retargeting with a new in-game update. This further increased their ROAS and lowered their cost per install compared to the Heart2Remind cohort statistics.


Nordeus shared their thoughts on the campaign results and how Heart2Remind helped them achieve their KPIs.

“The Heart2Remind Feature came as a great addition to the user acquisition mix for the launch of 3D Match in Top Eleven. It allowed us to build an engaging funnel for our lapsed players and make sure we were able to reach them at the right time.”

- Ognjen Milićević


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