Decreasing costs per Sign-up by 81%

Know your audience and optimize: Primephonic

See how Wise.Blue enabled this classical music streaming service to decrease its total cost per sign-up by 81% and its total cost per Purchase by 65%.



Primephonic is a fast growing global operating scale up and the #1 streaming service for classical music, was looking to launch a new set of countries and grow their user base. They looked at new channels for promoting the streaming service and started Twitter performance campaigns with limited results. Deciding to work with Wise.Blue enabled them to optimise campaigns in a way to achieve and overachieve on KPIs. Primephonic is named by Stuff as one of the 100 best apps in the world.


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We segmented the audience into the following categories:
  • 3 Personas (aged 50+): a combination of Serious Beginner, Classical professional and Passionate fan.
  • Classical music enthusiasts (age 50+).
  • Broad music category
  • Broad music category (age 50+)

My Social Database Native Targeting was also implemented, which allowed to include the specific classical music audience.

Platform: Twitter

GEO: Global





Amazing results were achieved in close cooperation and communication between Wise.Blue and Primaphonic teams. Campaigns were being optimised on a daily basis and tested towards various targets, such as Cost per Sign-up. The teams also continuously tested and compared new creatives and ad copies. Identifying what works best, the focus was shifted to those ad and target variations to achieve optimal results.



Moreover, Twitter became one of the leading and preferred acquisition channels. The cooperation paid off immensely, and after 15 months we achieved the
same number of installs as at the beginning, but with 2x less spend. We decreased the total costs per Sign-up by 81% and the total cost per Purchase by 65%.

- 46%
Cost per Install
- 81%
CPS to Cost per Sign-up
- 65%
Cost per Purchase

“We are very pleased to work with the Wise.Blue team as they help us to achieve our business goals through advertising on Twitter. They are proactive
in campaign optimization and honest with the data that they share with us. Our overall friendly relationship and performance-oriented approach are what make this collaboration successful and results truly amazing!”

Maarten Hoekstra
CMO at Primephonic


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