Heart2Remind for NFTs

Heart2Remind for NFTs: Building Impactful
Connections with NFT Buyers

h2r nftThe prevalence of social media platforms and advancement of digital tools have increasingly made it easy to not only create and trade NFTs, but also advertise them to audiences around the world. 

While Twitter might not be the first point of contact when a creator or brand is looking to advertise digital assets, it’s still the highest rated platform for discovery of new information. 

Twitter-commissioned studies have found that 79% of Twitter users follow the brands they’re interested in while 53% are more likely to buy new products before anyone else. Going further, people spend 26% more time looking at ads on Twitter than they do on other major social platforms.

Looking at these stats and the fact that the number of global Twitter users is constantly rising and even forecasted to reach 340.2 million by 2024, it’s hard to debate the relevance of Twitter in selling and raising awareness about new NFT drops or collections.

But, you also need to ensure that you’re always engaging and building relationships with your audiences because this is how you turn your leads into valuable customers. And Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind feature can help you achieve just that.

What is Heart2Remind and How Can it Optimize Your Twitter Campaigns for NFT Drops?

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Built to drive user engagement and aid Twitter campaigns, this Wise.Blue feature helps you keep your audience updated on new product launches, exclusive offers, upcoming events and NFT drop dates. 

With Heart2Remind, you can:

  • Share teasers with your audience and remind them about new drops or collections prior to the release date.
  • Use triggers and call to actions to engage users directly and in turn, increase your conversion rates.
  • Build connections and loyal relationships with valuable leads and potential customers through highly-engaging and distinctive content.

How Exactly Does Heart2Remind Work?

Heart2Remind is deployed through three simple stages; a trigger, an action and the resulting consumer experience. The journey starts with a lead or buyer tapping the like button on your promotional tweet and opting in to receiving updates and reminders about your NFT drop. You can then choose to send a series of responses which act as updates and reminders for your customers.

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Your promotional copy, images, videos and visuals are all shared automatically through tweets, so you can focus on engaging your audiences and getting the best results for your NFTs. 


Do you want to build stronger connections with your Twitter audiences and achieve conversions from your NFT campaigns? Reach out to us today and let Wise.Blue help you outperform on Twitter.

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