Heart2Remind: Creating a More Seamless
Brand Experience on Twitter

H2R bannerIn 2019, the total number of global monthly Twitter users was estimated at 290.5 million. This figure now stands at 329 million and is forecasted to reach 340.2 million by 2024. Additionally, Twitter has found that 79% of users follow brands they like while people spend 26% more time looking at ads on the platform than on other major social sites.

It’s essentially a no-brainer to ensure that you’re incorporating Twitter into your overall digital advertising plans and reaching as wide an audience as possible. Taking this a step further, a key factor in driving conversions and gaining results from your campaigns is your level of engagement with your audience. 

While it goes without saying that your brand’s offerings need to provide some sort of value to customers, their experience with your brand and how well you connect with them also determines how likely they are to buy what you’re selling. And there’s no doubt that it can be challenging to ensure that you’re constantly engaging users on Twitter and doing so effortlessly, but this is where Heart2Remind can help you.

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What is Heart2Remind and How Does it Work?

Thanks to Heart2Remind, you can keep your Twitter audience updated on everything from new product launches to exclusive discounts, important occasions and live events.

From the tap of the like button on your tweet, users opt in to receiving your brand messages about an event, a promotion or a new product or service offering. You can also tailor messages to audiences to deliver a personalised experience or delay responses so they act as reminders or updates.





How Can Heart2Remind Improve Engagement With Your Customers?

Heart2Remind has proven successful in helping Wise.Blue’s clients improve their brand experiences for customers and in turn, gain an increase in online engagement, website clicks, app installations and sales.




Here are a few examples of how some of our clients have used the Heart2Remind feature:



NordVPN shared a limited-time offer with their audience — a promo code for 1 free month on a 2-year plan. The code and further reminders about the offer were sent to users after they liked the original tweet.








Techland offered potential customers an exclusive chance to pre-order a new game; Dying Light 2 Stay Human. They also kept their audience updated about the official release of the game.





credit suisse


Credit Suisse promoted a special deal to Twitter users. For their Entrepreneurs’ day, they decided to offer free company registration to new entrepreneurs and sent out regular reminders to interested parties.









Player TVN used Heart2Remind to inform users about the premiere of a movie on their streaming platform. The trailer was shared on Twitter, giving viewers a sneak-peek of what to expect and an opportunity to engage with the brand.






Case Study - How RÉDUIT Generated Online Sales with Heart2Remind


Setting out to increase traffic and sales on their website during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online beauty brand, RÉDUIT, ran a marketing campaign on Twitter with the help of Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind feature. 

Messages were first sent out inviting their Twitter audience to be notified about the special shopping deals, followed by reminders promoting a 35% discount offer. 

In summary, results from the campaign were positive and RÉDUIT were successful in generating US-based purchases from their Cyber Monday campaign.

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