Lowering customer acquisition cost by 46%


How Glovo Increased Conversions and Lowered Customer Acquisition
Cost up to 46% with Carousel Ads

Glovo is a Spanish quick-commerce start-up founded in Barcelona in 2015. It is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app. It aspires to be a multi-category lifestyle app with food delivery being the most popular offering.

Glovo and Wise.Blue

As an official Twitter extension for performance, Wise.Blue has been cooperating with Glovo helping them to scale and achieve performance KPIs on Twitter. Wise.Blue combines technology and executional support to advertisers in order to harness the full potential of performance marketing with unique ad formats and sophisticated targeting possibilities. Wise.Blue has demonstrated valuable cooperation for Glovo. 


Glovo uses various ad formats across channels to get better results.

Twitter video formats

The Performance Team decided to test Carousel Ads for Glovo, as this format usually helps to reach unique
audiences through multiple images or videos. Carousel Ads may improve link click volume and CTR, along with
conversion volume and conversion rate. Glovo's tests proved this.


The goal of the test campaign was customer acquisition and the KPI to be impacted was Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). The test campaign was set to target an audience of any gender, 18 years and older. With Wise.Blue City Targeting, geographically, the campaign focused on major cities of Europe. With Wise.Blue expertise, the team utilized various ad formats. Carousel Ads was a new format that let diversify creatives and amplify Glovo messages. The performance of carousel, image, and video formats was compared based on Glovo's main KPI.

Glovo Carousel


After analysis of performance in May 2021, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) for carousel ads was 21%
lower than that of the static format and 46% lower than for video ad format.

lower than image ad formats

lower than video ad formats

As a result of this test campaign, Glovo will continue using carousel ads to grow conversions and keep customer acquisition costs (CAC) in line with their internal KPIs.


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