How To Succeed As A Food Delivery Business on Twitter?

Why Should You Advertise Your Services on Twitter?



Twitter is the leading platform for brand engagement. Research has found that, not only are 53% of Twitter users more likely to buy products before others, people also spend 26% more time looking at ads on Twitter than on other major social networks.

Additionally, Twitter audiences influence purchase decisions. According to a Twitter study, 9 in 10 people stated that they’ve changed their mind about a purchase after receiving advice from someone else on Twitter.

Essentially, Twitter is a powerful tool for performance marketing campaigns and food delivery companies need to ensure that they’re advertising to Twitter audiences if they want to grow their customer base and scale their business.

How Can Wise.Blue Help Your Food Delivery Business Acquire More Customers on Twitter?


Build Engagement with Potential CustomersBuild Engagement with Potential Customers

Engaging audiences and sharing valuable brand content are the keys to attracting new customers who are motivated to buy what your business is offering.

Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind was created to help businesses build engagement and develop better relationships with customers on Twitter.

By tapping the like button on your company’s promotional tweet, users are opted-in to receiving updates and reminders about everything from restaurant offers to new customer discounts and free delivery coupons.

Share Ads more preciselyShare Ads more precisely

Geo-specific businesses like delivery services, ride-hailing, weather apps, events, traveling and accommodation businesses can now benefit from the City Targeting on Twitter.

It allows advertisers to run campaigns on Twitter more efficiently. From now they can target over 136 thousand cities across the globe on Twitter. This feature is currently available exclusively through Twitter’s Ads API partners, including Wise.Blue.


Free-up resources and Scale EfficiencyFree-up resources and Scale Efficiency

By targeting different groups of buyers with multiple ads, businesses have a better chance of growing their customer base.

With automated catalog ads, marketers can save time by automating the ad creation process and sharing multiple, varied ads with different customers in different locations, all at the same time.

Ads are tailored to suit each target market and you can avoid the hassle of manually creating separate ads.


Control Your Marketing Budget and Schedule Bid ChangesControl Your Marketing Budget and Schedule Bid Changes

Allocating bids and budgets to campaigns is a vital part of the advertising process. And if done efficiently, businesses can prevent overspending and achieve a more profitable return on ad spend.

Designed for campaign optimisation, Wise.Blue’s autopilot automates your bid and budget allocations and adjusts campaign spend to match your KPIs.

Using an AI algorithm to predict future events, this feature works 24/7, so it can automatically adapt to changes in KPIs and budgets.

Wise.Blue also allows you to schedule bid and budget changes for specific times or occasions, so you can ensure that your investments are not waisted and ads exposed when audience is most receptive.


Test the Efficacy of your CampaignsTest the Efficacy of your Campaigns

Testing variations of campaigns and their effects on different audiences is key. It helps you determine which campaigns perform better so you can dedicate your resources and time to creating and sharing high-performing ads.

Wise.Blue’s A/B testing feature allows businesses to do just this. You can test ads with different calls to action, visuals and titles, compare audiences to see who’s more responsive to your ads and split your budget between campaigns.


Trusted by market leadersTrusted by market leaders

While Wolt was able to achieve a 30% lower cost per sign up, PedidosYa improved their average cost per acquisition by 40% and Glovo lowered their customer acquisition cost by up to 46%. These are just a few of the ways Wise.Blue’s food delivery clients have improved their KPIs using our powerful performance marketing features.

As your Twitter outperformance partner, Wise.Blue is designed to optimise your Twitter campaigns and support you in achieving your business and marketing objectives. With the use of Wise.Blue’s features, businesses are better positioned to reach and connect with customers, create and share multiple ads with ease, test ads and creatives in order to produce the best-performing campaigns and much more.

Ready to grow your customer base and improve your KPIs? Reach out to us today and let Wise.Blue help you outperform on Twitter.


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