An Interview with Fash Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise Blue

Fash Dabeshkhoy, Managing Director at Wise Blue, shares his thoughts on performance marketing and Twitter's role in the current marketplace.



How Performance Marketing has evolved in recent years?

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to connect the dots on how performance marketing has evolved, and why it’s behaved the way it has. The need for advertisers to reach their desired audiences, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message is nothing new, and it will never change. The method, and access is what evolves based on the environment. In recent years we’ve seen the over saturation of performance marketeers, and the magnitude of value-adding services who all promise that extra 1% improvement to aid success. I’ve always believed that the only constant in life, and specifically our industry is change. As an industry we’ve proven that we’re extremely fluid in our ability to adapt to changes in technology, consumer behaviour, and legislations - and the end result of this is continued progress and inevitably a more desirable and respectful experience for the target consumers. Constantly constructing solutions to both internal and external changes is where my passion lies.

What is the biggest challenge facing digital marketing teams today?

If we focus solely on performance marketing, the core requirement is being able to identify and recognise your audience. I’m hesitant to say it’s becoming more of a challenge, but it’s definitely changing. The changes implemented from some of the big contributors to our industry have dictated adjustments required by all players. Although you could argue that this is in the best interest of the consumer, who rightly should be at the center of this discussion, the counter argument is around the current level of understanding and transparency those consumers have on how and why advertisers use their online data. The narrative is usually a negative one, whereas the reality is that advertising will never stop - and personally, I’d always prefer seeing adverts which are relevant to me, rather than more random. This element is pushing the technology, and marketing teams to innovate, and find better ways to achieve their goals with minimal impact on cost.

How would you describe Twitter’s Role in the Marketplace? 

I personally believe that Twitter is in an incredibly unique and powerful position when you look at the overall landscape, with the understanding of how advertisers are adjusting their approach with the many challenges they face. For a platform as seasoned as Twitter to be growing double digits YoY , it’s a true testament to the shift in audiences and appetite for traditional social media platforms. In addition to this, the user experience and engagement is well defined and in some ways it’s own niche. Users know that Twitter is where they will have the most relevant, and most up to date information on any topic - and they can take part in those conversations. This creates a high level of influence which is something that I feel is still relatively untapped by retailers and ecommerce advertisers. We know that 9 out of 10 daily users of Twitter influence the purchases of their friends and family, yet Twitter hasn’t been the most obvious choice for the eCommerce ad-spend, but at Wise.Blue we’re true believers that this is the beginning of a large shift and a lot of our focus is around building the best tools to support Twitter’s advertisers in extending their ability to reach and convert their audiences outside of the walled gardens that are usually associated with large-scale performance advertising. Twitter also benefits greatly from in some ways shielded from some of the limitations that advertisers across the open-internet, due to their 1st party data advantages, and products built on Wise.Blue and Twitter to unlock these opportunities for advertisers.

Farshad-158-EditWhat is the role of Wise.Blue in the Marketplace
Wise.Blue has been built ground up for power users, by power users of Twitter Ads. The goal is to ensure we provide pro-tools to drastically improve the workflow efficiency of campaign managers, whilst layering market leading products to meet the requirements of advertisers looking for a competitive edge. This includes unique ad formats and extended targeting, with solutions which leverage machine learning and predictive algorithms to ensure maximum performance and the highest possible ROAS (as proven in multiple case studies available on our website). Wise.Blue ensures that advertisers not only can execute more efficiently, but also provides advanced analytics and insights to empower teams to make smarter decisions faster, whilst having the back end support from our highly experienced in-house team of customer success managers, and product experts.

What is trending among tools and software for social media marketing?

Each social media platform has it’s own strengths and a clear purpose. But there are some similarities in the needs of marketers that apply to all. I can narrow some of these down to 3 pain points. Data, Speed, Efficiency. 

The key to making good decisions is having the right data to analyse. Those who do this best, are usually ahead of the curve. Speed of execution is one that’s always important especially when we look at the pure nature of a platform such as Twitter where it’s a fast paced, information source, and as a society the need of being ‘first’ has never been more prevalent. 

The efficiency can also be treated as cost. Successful businesses understand the importance of the people who bring value on a daily basis, but the true objective should be ensuring that those people are only working on high value tasks where their skill sets brings the competitive advantage. Everything else should be automated where possible, and that is where the topic of cost is worth considering.

When you combine those 3 key points, we understand that the key to successful marketing right now is high value execution, based on the best decisions, as quickly as possible, and repeating this process. We feel strongly that Wise.Blue’s core pillars of workflow efficiency, reporting and insights, and automation are perfectly aligned to deliver on this.

Automated bidding can tweak and optimize the ad better than any human digital marketer. Automated ad creation saves a massive amount of time. Will Automation make digital marketers obsolete? 

Definitely not. We’re in the business of relationships, and however smart the technology gets - it’s role is to enhance the performance of the team, not to replace them. To refer back to my previous point - the objective of any successful business is to automate any low-value tasks, and focus their team’s effort only on the high value tasks. Automation is to aid this to happen, and Artificial Intelligence is there to speed up the analysis and reporting of data to enable better decision making. 

We have proven through testing with several Wise.Blue clients that on average, a company can save up to 72 Hours a week / month purely based on the workflow efficiencies that Wise.Blue can offer. We’d be more than happy to walk through some of these with anyone who’s interested. Automation and AI is crucial to the continuous improvements of our industry, and a key focus for us at Wise.Blue.

The best marketers are constantly looking for new digital marketing trends based on the evolution of technology, and platforms, to identify new opportunities that they can tap into. What would be your recommendations for improving the digital marketing activities for growth?

This is a question that I get excited talking about, purely because there are so many opportunities which are still not fully ripe, or upcoming trends which I’m eager to learn more about and understand how the industry will react to, this includes shifts not only to online shoppers, but also shifts in retailers going from offline to online, and the creativity that will come from leveraging the existing and upcoming platforms to reach their overall goal. 

An example of this is our focus at Wise.Blue on working closely with eCommerce advertisers, to build incredible products and features to really enable marketers to translate their existing performance objectives from traditional social media platforms, to Twitter, and benefit from being an early adopter of this opportunity. To give a more specific example is our Automated Catalogue Ads (ACA) product which we’ve built. This is tailored to advertisers with large product catalogues who need to be able to create large numbers of ads, and campaigns without any laborious and time consuming repetition of low value tasks. This is an early step in our vision for Wise.Blue Dynamic Product Ads on Twitter, which when you consider that the ecommerce industry is set to grow 10% across the next 4 years, we’re really excited and proud to be working so closely with Twitter to bring this solution to the market.


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