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Case Study: How eToro Achieved a 60% Improvement in Their CPFTD


Founded in 2007, eToro is a multinational social trading and multi-asset investment company, focusing on providing financial and copy trading services. Headquartered in Israel, and with offices spotted around the world, eTorso ‘aims to revolutionise the way people invest, and enhance investors’ financial education’.


eToro’s Twitter Campaign Objectives

The goal was to achieve lower costs per first-time depositors (CPFTD), while running app install Twitter campaigns across Italy and Spain. To achieve this eToro decided to engage the services of Wise.Blue. 

The audience was set to cyro enthusiasts and broader audiences who were chosen based on historical data.

How did Wise.Blue help eToro to achieve their goals?

Wise.Blue is a powerful performance marketing solution, designed to help businesses outperform on Twitter. It provides brands with performance marketing capabilities, an enhanced analytics platform, and improved technology that enable you to achieve more on Twitter. With Wise.Blue’s range of automation, campaign optimization tools, and experienced team of Twitter specialists, users are set up to unlock new conversion opportunities on Twitter, and achieve relevant KPI targets.

To improve the performance of eToro’s app installs campaigns, Wise.Blue developed an approach to test creative variations, using carousels as an ad format.  The carousel ads were created from existing videos, with their performance monitored and then compared to the results of image and video ads.


Results: A 60% Improvement in CPFTD and Lower Costs for eToro’s Twitter Campaign

By using carousel ads, eToro achieved a 60% improvement in their CPFTD, in addition to a 40% improvement in their cost per result.

Initial CPFTD $1800

Goal: CPFTD 800$

Result:CPFTD $650 and Decrease in CPR from $100 to $59

The engagement rate achieved by using carousel ads was also 4x higher, compared with that of other ad formats.



eToro’s Testimonial

“We were on a mission to improve our CPFTD as it was significantly above our goal rate. With the help of the Wise.Blue team,
their continuous support and suggestions on how to improve these numbers, we were able to decrease our costs and achieve our KPI targets.”


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