Optimise Your Easter Campaigns On Twitter

How to Optimise Your Easter Campaigns
and Achieve Results from Twitter

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Connect With Audiences on Twitter and Increase Sales This Easter

In 2017 customers in the UK collectively spent £774 million on Easter shopping. Over the years, this figure has considerably risen and according to GlobalData, is expected to reach £1.7 billion this Easter. Moreover, across the pond, it’s been forecasted that 80% of Americans will spend a total of $20.8 billion on Easter festivities.


Easter is undoubtedly a widely celebrated annual holiday, marked in over 95 countries worldwide, and holding significant relevance for many. It is a time for consumer masses to come together to purchase food, gifts, clothing, and of course an easter egg, in a bid to celebrate. Thus, the holiday provides huge opportunities for ecommerce brands to advertise products to consumers and increase sales. The Easter period also provides a great medium for digital advertising on Twitter. 

Research demonstrates that 79% of users on Twitter follow the brands they’re fond of and in recent years, engagement with brands on the platform has risen. Between 2019 and 2020, brand retweets increased by 20%, and replies to brands increased by 44%. Furthermore, Twitter data shows that 53% of users on the platform are more likely to purchase products before other consumers.


Therefore, it is critical for brands to utilise the opportunity provided by Easter, advertise their offerings, and engage with all their customers across high reaching platforms, which undoubtedly includes Twitter.

Create Experiences for Audiences and Connect With Potential Customers 

Advertising on Twitter involves more than just selling products to customers. To succeed on the platform, brands need to interact with users, share highly engaging content, and create experiences for potential customers.

With Wise.Blue’s Heart2Remind, brands can share product launches, discount updates, and reminders for limited-time offers and events. All it takes is a tap of the ‘like’ button on a promotional tweet, users are then opted-in to receiving all your Easter-focused content, and information.

easter visual_2_2Create and Share Multiple Ads With Ease 

Targeting multiple groups of customers, with tailored messages, is the key to reaching a wider audience and maximising conversions. The automated catalog ads simplify the creation of ads, building directly from your product catalogs, and scheduling them for the respective customer group.

You can tailor your ads to suit each group and update your product catalog so it automatically refreshes your ads. It is quick and easy!



Automate Campaign Spending to Align With Your KPIs

Correct allocation of campaign budgets prevents overspending on less profitable ads and ensures that brands improve their return on ad spend.

By using an AI algorithm to predict future occurrences, Wise.Blue’s autopilot automates bid and budget allocations, and adjusts campaign spend to achieve KPIs. 

Compare the Performance of Targeted Ads 

Comparing the efficacy of ads and the responsiveness of target markets is a major step to ensuring brands are reaching the right audiences and dedicating resources to the best-performing ads.

Thanks to Wise.Blue’s A/B testing feature, you can test ads with different visuals, content and calls to action, compare the responsiveness of various audiences, and spread your budget across campaigns.

Wise.Blue’s analytics platform can also help marketers to measure campaign insights, so you can be sure that you’re always running competitive campaigns.



Contact us today, let Wise.Blue help you outperform on Twitter, and increase sales this Easter.


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