Increasing daily app installs by 170%

Competing in the crypto world: Change

Crypto world is especially competitive. Wise.Blue helped GetChange leverage Twitter to propel daily installs by 170% increasing its budget by only 58%.


Change, a cryptocurrency company working with investors from 28 countries around the globe, wished to acquire new verified users. As cryptocurrency transactions are a highly restricted industry, serious out of the box approaches are crucial to reach a profitable new user, especially for new players in the app market. Twitter is one of the channels, where it’s possible to advertise crypto exchange products. The goal was to convert “non-believers”, a real challenge in the crypto world, and present the new brand to the widest possible audience, driving installs.





Audiences were split into the following categories:
  • Already active crypto traders
  • Investment ready professionals that are not yet in the crypto trading market.

Both groups were targeted both on iOS and Android.

Platform: Twitter
GEO: 19 Eurozone countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain).






As the core audience, crypto savvy individuals, is relatively limited in scale, the Wise.Blue team expanded the targeting to non-buyer audiences. The
Wise.Blue team advised on testing relevancy of various different creatives to fit each section of the audience, and launched multiple segments inside
the campaign to find the optimal balance for both the crypto savvy people, and the more general audience.
This approach, consisting of testing the creatives and focusing on new audiences, made it possible to maximise Change company efforts on Twitter and achieve outstanding results.



In barely one month, the Wise.Blue team propelled Change’s KPIs and achieved 170% daily installs with only +58% budget increase. Such efficiency of the campaign shows top expertise and skill, as well as good money management allowing Change to make the best value-for-money.

Daily Budget
Daily Verified

“We decided to entrust the entire Twitter campaign management to the Wise.Blue team and we were amazed. The team did an amazing job. They are very agile, flexible, transparent, knowledgeable in the matter, and ready to help when needed. With the help of the Wise.Blue team we were also able to be whitelisted on Twitter, which allowed us to fully advertise our product and open a tonne of new opportunities.”

Cameron Roe
Digital Marketing Lead at Change