Achieving a 975% growth in first time depositors

Committed to long-term partnerships: eToro

We believe in long-term partnerships. Together with eToro we have been running Twitter campaigns for over a year and a half, analysing statistics, testing multiple target segments and focusing on the best performing ones. See what we jointly achieved.


eToro, a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company focusing on financial and copy trading services, was looking to gain more first time depositors. As eToro is operating in an industry that is highly regulated and therefore requires a high precision of messages, the previous working strategy of staying on volatile trends has been hard to execute as the relevance of creatives had to change on a weekly basis. eToro was looking to find an additional sales channel for optimal performance.

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User Acquisition
  • Crypto keywords audience
  • Trader related audience
  • Finance interest targeting
  • Crypto conversations
  • Demographic targeting
  • Retargeting Audiences
  • Installed the app, but did not sign-up
Retargeting Audiences
  • Installed the app, but did not sign-up

Platform: Twitter

GEO: 36 markets in Europe, USA, APAC, MENA - almost Global coverage




This was eToro’s first performance campaign. Together with the Wise.Blue team, eToro focussed the strategy on the full funnel approach, from creating awareness to capitalising on this awareness and retargeting for increase of the conversion rates. The Wise.Blue team broke campaigns down into multiple targeting segments:

  • Core segments for increasing the conversion amount
  • retargeting segments for non-converters to increase conversion rates



The Wise.Blue team and technology enabled eToro so change perspective, switch to considering multiple targeting segments and improve best performing ones for amazing results. The partnership between eToro and Wise.Blue has been running for over 1.5 years and achieved amazing metrics, including a 975% growth of the FTDs, which as the main KPI of the campaign.

- 43%
Cost Per First Time Depositors
First Time


“When it comes to Twitter performance campaigns, we highly recommend Wise.Blue as an overarching solution.
Not only is Wise.Blue a top platform, but also the campaign management team was invaluable in helping us with scaling our Twitter campaigns globally.
Overall a great platform and a very responsive team!”

Ohad Shapira
Social Acquisition Team at eToro


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