Boosting campaign efficiency with City Targeting

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Geo-specific businesses like delivery services, ride-hailing, weather apps, events, traveling and accommodation businesses can now benefit from the City Targeting on Twitter. It allows advertisers to run campaigns on Twitter more efficiently. From now they can target over 136 thousand cities across the globe on Twitter. This feature is currently available exclusively through Twitter’s Ads API partners, including Wise.Blue.


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inDriver in LATAM

Today, inDriver is one of the top-5 international passenger-services worldwide. It gives freedom of choice to 70 million people in more than 450 Cities (32 countries).The company continues its active international expansion.

We helped to execute their expansion campaigns in the LATAM region to attract new customers inDriver wanted to scale on Twitter and couldn’t do it before due to a lack of certain features that are needed to echo the business structure of ride-hailing service. They are operating only in certain cities so to target a whole country is too expensive and not efficient. To try Twitter as a new lead generation platform - it was crucial to use City Targeting.

InDriver together with Wise.Blue team allocated budget to the target Cities in LATAM. Also all ads were tailored to match the City. Wise.Blue experts supported the campaign set up and optimised the campaign ensuring the most efficient City Targeting. As a result of the campaign and City Targeting they were able to open new markets and attract new customers.



Wolt in Japan

Wolt is a Finnish technology company known for its food-delivery platform. Since launching with 10 restaurants in its home city in 2015, Wolt has expanded to 23 countries and 120 cities, mostly in Europe. In the season of spring where all things bloom, Wolt said hello to their new country – Japan! First Wolt City was Hiroshima. In a couple of months Wolt expanded to Sapporo City and Sendai City. Next milestone was to introduce Wolt to Tokyo City.

Here Wise.Blue team came into play offering Twitter platform and City Targeting as a solution. This unlocked us an opportunity to help Wolt with their expansion campaigns in Japan. Main KPI for Wolt is the cost per first-time user (CPFTU). With City Targeting Wise.Blue was able not only target just City of interest and allocate the campaign budget efficiently. While Wise.Blue technology relies on machine learning driven algorithms for optimization and deep learning prediction models that drive automation for bid and budget allocation, Wise.Blue team was able to deliver first time users (FTUs) for Wolt at a lower cost.


Wise-Blue-Onepager_WiseBlue success cases_SM_FB copycrop-pngBolt in Africa

Bolt offers vehicles for hire, micromobility, and food delivery services. Estonian origin company operates in over 200 cities in 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia and Latin America. The company has 50 million customers globally and more than 1 million drivers use Bolt platform to offer rides.

City Targeting allowed Wise.Blue to implement an extensive performance campaign and help Bolt expand their business in several African cities. As Bolt’s business model is tied to the geo locations - City Targeting feature played an important role rolling out the campaign strategies. Bolt ran App install campaigns in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Abuja, Lagos, Accra and Nairobi. Together with localised creatives, City Targeting and Wise.Blue optimisation - campaigns delivered positive results and helped Bolt to expand and successfully introduce their business in new Cities.

Not only no of app installs was exponential but ROAS (first ride CPA) was decreased due to the Twitter campaign optimisation on Wise.Blue:

  • Advertise only in areas, where the product is available;
  • Allocate budget to the best performing location;
  • Tailor ads to match the area as City-specific ads usually have a higher CTR rate.

Wise.Blue experts around the world are available to support you in setting up and optimizing your campaigns and ensuring the most efficient City Targeting definitions. With Wise.Blue technology we can leverage Twitter’s ad products and streamline the management of complex setups thus significantly improving campaign performance and results.