Increasing purchases by 742.49%

Campaign optimisation and retargeting at its best: Zalando

Combine Wise.Blue tools for bulk edits with campaign optimisation and retargeting, and you get amazing results. See how Wise.Blue supported this e-commerce company to increase their KPIs to an impressive level.


Zalando is a European e-commerce company that follows a platform approach and offers fashion and lifestyle products to consumers in 17 European markets. The company wished to understand whether Twitter is scalable with their campaigns, test as many audiences and creatives as possible and ultimately acquire new customers. Undertaking this task manually requires enormous amount of resources as well as time an dedicated staff. With the Wise.Blue technology and expertise, tests were ran quickly and efficiently and delivered great results.


zalando phone 2Audience

Audiences were split into various groups to allow wide testing:

For user acquisition:
Young People

For retargeting - three groups based on look back period of last engagement with the app:
LBP <30D,
LBP <90D 
LBP 30-90D

Further split:

Platform: Twitter
GEO: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands




Considering the complexity of the campaign and a big number of various audiences, bulk edits that are possible in Wise.Blue allowed for simple
management and ultimately reached the targets of the complete ad group setup. The Wise.Blue analytics technology and our elite team reported
insights on a weekly basis, and interpreted them in a way for Zalando to understand and follow the process, making sure that it is fully aligned with
their marketing and business goals. Continuous campaign optimisation and retargeting impacted 70% of the success as look back periods were analysed in detail to identify best audiences to be reminded of the app.



Zalando phone


The campaign was an amazing success. In 6 months, the Wise.Blue team helped Zalando increase all KPIs to an impressive level (statistics are based on daily average).

User Acquisition

  • Spend: 323.45% 
  • Installs: 407.13%
  • Purchases: 742.49%
  • App clicks: 3899.42%


  • Spend: 191.67%
  • Purchases: 301.30%
  • App clicks: 2320.94%

Clearly defined action steps as well as transparent and simplified reporting of invested budget allowed for a creation of a strong relationship between Wise.Blue and Zalando, built on mutual trust.


“The experience of working with the Wise.Blue team was simply mind blowing. Considering the extensive set up of the campaign and the big number of audiences we wished to analyse, we couldn’t have done it without the Wise.Blue technology and the team behind the platform. Sophisticated knowledge about running Twitter campaigns and interpreting results for their optimal use is what makes the team truly unique. Wise.Blue certainly allowed us to understand the full potential of our advertising efforts on Twitter.”

Abhishek Bhatia,
Product manager at Zalando



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