Getting lower cost than manually controlled campaigns by 25%

Ways to Improve Your Twitter Ad Performance

Do you want a better return on your Twitter ads? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to reach relevant prospects?
By applying frequent and data-driven adjustments to your bidding, you can achieve increased clicks, installs, and engagement than you
thought your budget would allow.

Wise.Blue is the official Twitter Partner, providing a combination of technology and executional support, enabling advertisers to harness the full potential of performance marketing on Twitter at scale.

Autopilot, one of the original features of Wise.Blue, makes the life of users easier and calmer. Using an AI algorithm to predict the forecasted results and adjust the bids according to your KPIs in live time! In the case of complex account setups (with multiple campaigns and ad groups), autopilot is an excellent automation tool to maximize the results.



•Autopilot automates bid and budget allocation.

•Autopilot controls volume, efficiency, target KPIs, and spend limits

Predictive Algorithms and AI
•Predictive algorithms optimize 24/7 towards the full potential of
each campaign’s objective.

•Autopilot performs all needed actions not to lose the pacing by
continuously building its own prediction in ever-shifting auction
volumes and prices.

•Autopilot drives spending while keeping the results within KPI targets.

•Reacts quickly to sudden changes in the auction and prevents

•Adapts to changes of target KPI and budget limits.

Long list of KPIs
•Wise.Blue has an extensive list of KPIs to target and optimise towards.

•You can set any KPI as an optimization objective, not only based
on Twitter data but on Google or Mobile Measurement Partner data.

•Optimization on Website events will be available soon.



Wolt has a growing penetration rate within the Japanese market and is launching further operations into new cities. Growing a customer base is their main priority with all marketing efforts directed towards new user acquisitions (first time users) at the most optimal and efficient rates for costs per install (CPI), cost per first time user (CPFTDU), and cost per sign-up (CPSU).

Wolt has been managing Twitter campaigns on the Wise.Blue platform for some time. They applied large portions of their attention and time to the Autopilot function and one day decided to test it for running campaigns. The feedback from the first week proved that Wise.Blue Autopilot delivered increased results.

Autopilot 1

Wise.Blue's Autopilot function worked very accurately to adjust efficiency targets (CPI, CPSU, CPP). We checked Wolt’s three campaigns in December that run under the autopilot. Results were better on average.


The chart shows averages of 3 campaigns under the autopilot and of 12 campaigns under manual control in December. CPSU and CPP were targets that autopilot was using.

The Wise.Blue Autopilot function was recommended for Wolt’s on-going performance campaigns, expecting to achieve new more challenging campaign objectives for 2021: Cost per first time user (CPFTU) should decrease by 56%.





In one month the Autopilot delivered results at a lower cost than manually controlled campaigns by 25% keeping the same daily level of the first time users.




Autopilot proves to be more efficient than manually managed campaigns by delivering better results within the same budget frame. Efficiency is achieved by dynamically allocating higher budgets to well-performing campaigns while decreasing the spend of underperforming ones once change in performances is detected

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