4 Steps To Smart Automated Ad Creation

Supercharge Your Campaign, Save Time, and Win Over Customers:
4 Steps To Smart Automated Ad Creation

Automation, one of the pillars of digitization, is becoming a staple within transformation plans.  This applies across various industries and company departments, from churn prevention and revenue forecasts, to supply chain and customer service optimization. The use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive algorithms can deliver clear benefits to businesses. In fact, manual workflows are already automated, increasing both productivity and efficiency, and providing improved utilisation and monetization of collected data. Thus, leading to improved customer service, superior products, and better-informed decision making. 



Born from the digital realm, performance marketing adopted automation easily. ​​From reminders for forgotten shopping baskets to the suggestion of similar items, marketing automation helps companies increase sales and efficiency, enabling them to engage with customers on a personal level.

According to ResearchAndMarkets, the current market size globally for automated marketing is projected to reach $14,18 billion by 2030, from $4,44 billion in 2020, meaning that the industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.3%. Rising demand for these solutions is attributed to the growing practice of digital marketing, as well as the rising number of people using social media.

Large businesses have already figured out that investing in automation technology will increase their performance and make their lives easier. An ever-growing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are making it their priority to adopt these solutions, to achieve marketing efficiency, and cut costs. Moreover, companies are using marketing automation software for lead generation and scoring, customer relationship management, cross-selling and up-selling, and targeted segmentation. It is estimated that spending on digital advertisements increased to $450.7 billion in 2021.  

Here are some key predictions for marketing automation: 

wb feat 1Sources: https://ascend2.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/The-State-of-Marketing-Automation-Survey-Summary-Report-210722.pdf;
Aleph Insight Lab, The eCommerce Report January 2022; B2B survey among +300 decision-makers who are shaping the future



  • Efficiency and Data Management
    Workflow automation speeds up the process and eliminates human error, leading to more accurate reporting and even predictive forecasting, based on improved data management. It helps scale up your efforts easily. 
  • Cross Organisational Alignment
    With transparent reports and dashboards, it becomes easier to adapt to the company's goals across departments, especially in regard to sales and marketing.
  • Personalised Marketing Strategy
    Automation improves (re-)targeting, learning and adapting based on both interests and behaviours, thus, enabling you to interact with your users at the right time, leading to better engagement, ROI, and overall campaign results.

Sources: https://www.oracle.com/cl/cx/marketing/automation/what-is-marketing-automation/statistics/



It is undeniable that ads play a crucial role in effective user acquisition, ad production however is often carried out manually. Thus, with constant changes to large product catalogues, creating ads can be very time-consuming. Moreover, creating targeted and personalised campaigns can also become increasingly complex. This is where automation comes in, as it not only simplifies but also accelerates the process, resulting in higher numbers of ads in less time. 

It is important to remember that it is not solely about reaching more users at faster rates, but also about creating a more personal approach. Reports show that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer customised experiences, and marketing automation can help brands create this.


Source: Aleph Insight Lab, The eCommerce Report January 2022; B2B survey among +300 decision-makers who are shaping the future

If you are targeting 453 million users on Twitter, 206 million of which log on a daily, in order to run a successful performance campaign, you'll need the use of marketing automation tools. Twitter lets you schedule multiple posts and customise content to engage more users, whilst also analysing content performance. However, beyond these basic functionalities, an innovative and effective automation tool awaits, which will enable you to explore even further, this tool is called Wise.Blue.

Wise.Blue provides a powerful solution for performance marketing on Twitter. It enables you to segment your targeted audiences and achieve unmatched precision swiftly and easily. Wise.Blue allows you to run multiple creative concepts for different segments and analyse them, discovering the best combination of message and media that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, creatives are updated as often as possible within the platform, to ensure the campaign remains relevant and interesting throughout its lifecycle.

Manually managing the workflow of a performance campaign can be a gruelling proposition. A successful campaign might require you to update anywhere between 500 and 1000 ads a month, all of which require launching, management, and pausing. Wise.Blue optimises this workflow by running automated campaigns with multiple variables. With Wise.Blue, you can create country-specific messages, or run automated campaigns in multiple cities. You can also manage separate campaigns for Android and iOS devices and set different start and end dates.

Moreover, A/B testing will allow you to try different variations of campaign targeting, creative solutions, and other variables. You can also receive automatic reports by email or get an automatic update of tables and graphs in Google Sheets or Data Studio. That will enable you to see data-based outcomes and improve future decision making.  



Wise.Blue aims to make life easier, freeing up resources, and ensuring Twitter campaigns are as efficient as they can be. Further giving you the ability to optimise your ad spend, by customising goals driven by data sources. Wise.Blue AI algorithms will reallocate and scale your budget across campaigns according to ad performance and put a stop to underperforming ads.

  1. Wise.Blue Automated Catalogue Ads enable you to integrate product catalogues to automatically produce ads. This will automate product ad creations, showing variations in creativity, price, and availability. Wise.Blue includes bulk edits, bulk creative, and targeting uploads together with tweet permutations. Product catalogue integration and ads automation remove the burden of manually creating individual ads. 

  2. Wise.Blue Dynamic Creative Optimiser will identify the best performing ad and optimise the campaign. 

  3. With Wise.Blue you will spend less time for setup and be able to let WB solutions do the hard work. Automate and efficiently manage multiple complex campaigns with a 360-degree view at a click of a button. 

  4. Wise.Blue Autopilot is an excellent tool for users that have multiple campaigns and ad groups with complex account setups. Autopilot will automate bid and budget allocation and spend limits. Autopilot quickly reacts to sudden changes in the auction to prevent overspending, as well as to adapt to changes of target KPIs, and budget limits in real-time. Its predictive algorithms optimise 24/7 with the goal of reaching your campaign’s full potential. The WB platform will keep working for you through the night and on weekends, so you don’t have to!

Testing across several Wise.Blue clients has proven that, on average, a company can save up to 72 hours a week purely based on the workflow efficiencies that Wise.Blue can offer. Automating the performance marketing workflow brings about an increase in efficiency and productivity. Wise.Blue provides companies with the opportunity to become more competitive in the marketplace, without large company overhead.

So, isn’t it time you supercharge your Twitter campaign, free-up your resources, and win over customers? Test the Wise.Blue marketing automation platform for yourselves and become a part of a smarter future.



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