Optimize Twitter Campaigns and KPI Targeting

Optimize Your Twitter Campaigns and KPI Targeting
With Wise.Blue’s Autopilot

Autopilot In recent years, digital marketing and campaign management processes have improved considerably, and there is no doubt they will continue to do so. Moreover, owing to the creation and access to marketing automation tools, marketers are no longer required to manually manage campaigns and control multiple ad groups. With the implementation of such tools, businesses are able to automate both bidding and budget spending, and thus, optimize campaigns for increased conversions and lower costs. 

Additionally, research has shown that marketing automation can drive a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% reduction in marketing costs. So, for brands looking to boost their campaigns, investing in marketing automation, such as Wise.Blue’s Autopilot, is a no-brainer.


What is Autopilot? And how to Optimize Your Twitter Campaigns?

Built for campaign automation and data-driven optimization, Autopilot works round the clock so you don’t have to. Using a predictive AI algorithm, Autopilot automatically adjusts bid and budget allocations, optimizing your campaigns,  ensuring that KPI targets and lower campaign costs are maintained. 

The product further benefits from automated hourly campaign analysis, swiftly able to react to ever-changing auction volumes and prices, and thus preventing overspending.

Moreover, Autopilot not only analyzes, but also learns from the data provided by Twitter, Google Analytics, or mobile measurement partners. Therefore eligible campaigns need to complete the standard Twitter learning period prior to initiating Autopilot. If your campaign has a lot of data in the form of clicks and conversions, the algorithm will learn quicker.


Case Study - How Wolt Achieved Lower Costs with Autopilot

Wolt Logo

On a mission to expand their consumer base while maintaining low costs, the food delivery company Wolt, launched Twitter campaigns with the help of Wise.Blue’s Autopilot. They succeeded in decreasing their cost per acquisition by 25% compared to manually controlled campaigns. 

Additionally, their campaigns achieved a 12% lower cost per sign-up, and a 19% lower cost per point, compared to their non-automated counterparts.



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