Automate Your Twitter Ads

Automate the Creation of Your Twitter Ads this Summer


The Importance of Marketing Automation

In parallel to increasing technological advancements and improved internet usages rates across the globe, we have witnessed a consistent growth in the adaptation of digital marketing by businesses. In turn, this has culminated in the widespread use of marketing technology and automation products.

A 2019 survey by Social Media Today found that 75% of marketers were using at least one form of marketing automation tools. By 2023, it’s expected that global spending on such tools will exceed $25 billion, and it’s easy to see why.

For many businesses, the effects of automation tools cannot be underestimated. Research has shown that marketing automation can drive an increase in sales by 14.5% and a reduction in marketing costs by 12.2%. 

Used effectively, these tools enable users to automate the creation of ads, collection of data, segmentation of customers, allocation of campaign budgets and much more. As a result, overall productivity and efficiency are improved, providing the opportunity for businesses to increase conversions and sales, reduce costs and boost their return on ad spend.



Automating the Twitter Ad Creation Process with Wise.Blue

Summer is right around the corner, and for businesses, the probable increase in much needed annual leave requests can also lead to decreased productivity. This is where the power of automation comes in.



For marketers, especially those with multiple campaigns under numerous ad accounts or groups, automation tools prove to be especially important during this season, enabling you to automate campaign processes, and assure you are able to outperform on Twitter, even if out of the office. This is in fact the pinnacle of Wise.Blue, and exactly what the platform was created for.

With powerful Twitter automation products such as Wise.Blue’s Automated Catalog Ads and Autopilot, you’re better-positioned to automate the ad creation process, and in turn, optimize your Twitter campaigns, and achieve your marketing objectives.


Automated Catalog Ads


Designed to save marketers’ time, our Automated Catalog Ads feature simplifies and accelerates the ad creation process. 

It works by building ads directly from a user’s product catalogs and scheduling them for selected customer groups. Ads are published with variations in product visuals, prices, availability and more.


As a result, you can share multiple, personalized ads across a variety of audiences and locations, simultaneously. For example, if you want to share separate products, featuring varying prices for US and UK markets, or run specific campaigns to target cities in Germany, Automated Catalog Ads make this possible.


Moreover, Autopilot, another tool designed for campaign automation, works round the clock to ensure that the marketers don’t have to. By using a predictive AI algorithm, Autopilot automatically adjusts bid and budget allocations, optimizing campaigns to guarantee that targets are maintained. 

This feature works continuously and reacts swiftly to sudden changes in ad auctions. Thus allowing you to avoid overspending, modify your campaigns to match KPI, and respond to budget changes in real-time.

For example, food delivery company, Wolt, decided to launch a Twitter campaign for the purpose of expanding their consumer base while maintaining low costs. With the help of Autopilot, they succeeded in lowering their cost per sign-up by 12% and decreasing their cost per acquisition by 25% compared to manually controlled campaigns.



Are you ready to automate ad creation processes and achieve better campaign results this summer? Then contact us at Wise.Blue today and let us help you with your next successful Twitter campaign.


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