Maximizing Performance on Twitter

Maximizing Performance on Twitter with AB TestingLong gone are the days when marketers had to solely rely on intuition for performance marketing strategies. With the introduction of various marketing tools and techniques, such as A/B testing, businesses are able to employ improved strategies, and adjust resources towards data-driven decision making. A key element in achieving KPIs and maximizing campaign performance.


In fact, A/B testing is one of the most crucial steps in the marketing process. Driven by the power of data and real-time metrics, it helps marketers to test variations of marketing content, measure the effectiveness of performance campaigns, and determine which deliver the best results. With this information to hand, businesses are better-positioned to create powerful ads, and scale performance. Thus, it is becoming more imperative than ever, to increase investments in A/B testing.

How Can A/B Testing Improve the Performance of Your Twitter Campaigns?

The A/B Testing Tool is specifically designed to help marketers outperform on Twitter, enabling businesses to test and compare the performance of multiple ads across varying visuals, calls to action, titles, and target markets. For example, let’s say you’re a gaming company running multiple ads for the release of a new game. You can use A/B testing to compare the performance of each ad, as well as the responsiveness of your audiences. In turn, this will allow you to identify the best-performing ads, target the right customer groups, and effectively utilize your marketing resources, whilst also improving return on ad spend.

How is Wise.Blue’s A/B Testing Implemented?


First of all, you must decide on, and plan out the appropriate concept for the A/B test. For example, you may want to try out different creative ideas, or target various customer groups.


The next step is setting up your campaigns. At this stage, you can review all your marketing content, split the test budget between each campaign, and launch them.


Once you’ve launched your campaigns and let them run for a specific period, you can review the results of each campaign and confirm which performed better.


This is the most important step. You need to use the results from the A/B Test to make any relevant changes and reallocate your budget towards the best-performing ad.


Case Study - How Axia Identified their Best-Performing Campaigns with Wise.Blue


In a bid to grow their consumer base and maximize results from their website click campaigns, financial services company, Axia, decided to test two different landing pages, to determine which produced the best results. After 3 weeks of testing, they found that the first landing page had a 60% lower cost per lead, and a 33% higher click through rate, compared to that of the second page.

In essence, the data collected through A/B testing, allowed Axia to make an informed decision, thus focusing their efforts on achieving results from the most valuable campaign.


Axia’s Testimonial

“Wise.Blue’s A/B Testing helped us to measure the results of our website click campaigns and identify the landing page with more consumer engagement. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we were able to dedicate our time and resources to focusing on acquiring new customers through more rewarding campaigns.”

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